Logistics News: DHL’s Master Logistics Plan for China

July 26, 2012

DHL’s Customer Solutions and Innovation Department, is to start a city Logistics Master Research Plan for China’s city of Chengdu. The project will focus on the analysis of the supply chain of “fast-moving consumer goods from various sectors such as super markets, wholesale markets and franchised stores.”

Chief Commercial Office at DHL, a freight and logistics specialist, Bill Meahl, said:

“By 2050, more than 70 per cent of the world population will live in cities, and with our global City Logistics program we develop solutions for more efficient logistics in these growing cities. Advanced logistics services not only contribute to a better living environment by reducing emissions but also help local businesses achieve their full potential by more efficient transport management.”

According to a report, “one of the main aims of DHL’s general City Logistics concept approach is the implementation of urban freight centres which they claim significantly decrease freight traffic thus improving the quality of air, increase efficiency, reliability, service quality and offer a better control of the logistic processes by a higher visibility of the supply chain.”

Director Solutions & Innovation at DHL Jörg Hanser explains:

“DHL’s new cooperation with the City of Chengdu is a great opportunity for us to prove our global capabilities in the increasingly important field of City Logistics. With the research, DHL will be able to gain a good understanding of the challenges of the Chinese city to develop a tailor-made City Logistics solution that meets Chengdu’s specific needs and can also be seen as a model for other megacities in China. The eventual implementation of this solution could be a key success factor for the region and will help making the best use of its enormous business potential.”