The distribution industries offer many exciting career paths; operationally, commercially and strategically. Supply Chain Futures supports distribution industries with the recruitment of roles in these functions.

We recruit leadership positions in:


  • Warehousing – (open/closed book, single client or multi-site/multi-user operations)
  • Continues improvement
  • Reverse logistics and obsolete stock management
  • Contract management and New Business Development


  • Transport (regional/contract operations, network development/optimisation)


  • Fleet Management/Maintenance
  • Workshop management

International Logistics

  • Managing import and export for clients
  • Commercial management



Supply Chain Futures is heavily experienced in recruiting logisticians for manufacturing businesses. Through our consultative and flexible approach to recruitment, we have earned the trust of many businesses and supported their short, medium and long term recruitment strategies.

We recruit leadership positions in:

Procurement and Supply Chain

  • Purchasing (material call off/management)
  • Procurement (strategic sourcing, contract/category management)
  • S&OP, Demand, CPFR planning

Logistics & Distribution

  • Operational Planning (Raw Material, Production, Logistics, Transport)
  • Warehousing
  • Transport



Supply Chain Futures recruits a range of supply chain positions within retail. The ever changing demands of the consumer means that retail supply chains continually need to adapt; as does our service to them.

 We recruit leadership positions in:

Trading and Merchandising

  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Category & supplier management
  • Merchandising
  • Ecommerce

Stock Availability & Replenishment

  • Inventory/Stock Availability, Replenishment and Forecast Planning
  • Reverse Logistics and obsolete stock management

Distribution & Transport

  • Warehousing and network operations
  • Transport & Network development
  • 3pl/ 4pl Account Management
  • Import & Export operations

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